Subliminal Video Messages

The Nelson Berry Subliminal Videos

One of the most popular lines of subliminal videos on the market today is Subliminal Video Messages - founded and created by Nelson Berry.  (Although, subliminal videos from other creators are also commonly referred to as subliminal video messages.)  Each video has images designed to promote a positive mindset; laced with rapidly flashing text - at about 30 frames per second - with subliminal affirmations; a nature soundtrack, or serene or dynamic music, (some have combinations of music and nature sounds); and each one features audio versions of the commands, embedded into the soundtrack.  I haven't actually been able to make these out, like I have with some subliminal audios, but I take it on faith, based on the effectiveness I've experienced; the good feedback I've received from others, and the reputation of Nelson Berry, who has been producing these for quite a while. 

The $5K Per Day and The Intelligent Warrior sets are probably the best known.  These have been released with resale rights, so there several places you can find them.  They are still available from Nelson Berry with resale rights.  Also released at one time or another with resale rights, were the Love-n-Luxxxxury videos,( referred to on Nelson Berry's website as Subliminal Messages Extreme); the Manifestation Master videos (referred to on Nelson Berry's websites as both Master Manifestor and Manifestation Master videos); The Confident Outlook SAVE Video; The Subliminal IPOD Feel Good Podcast; the Angelic Attraction Videos; Happy Times Subliminal Video (which comes with a bonus Happy Times Subliminal Audio).  Also, two videos from the Warrior Warm Up series (also called Subliminal Health Fitness series, with the monthly membership) have been released separately, with resale rights.  They are: Ready to Relax, (also Warrior Warm Up V / 5, "Chill Out Now"); and the "I Love You" video, (also Warrior Warm Up VI / 6).

The $5K Per Day series features 3 titles:  $5K Per Day; The Good Life, and Gratitude.  The $5K Per Day video is available in the original, Pounds, and Euros versions, but keep in mind, each version is still mixed.  In other words, the original version may have an image or two of foreign currency; the Pounds version still has some US, and Euros currency images; and the Euros version still has some other currency images, mostly US and Pounds.  There are a number of other nice images to suggest wealth, success, happiness, and positivity.  The flashing text is smaller than in some of the other Nelson Berry videos.  There are several images of boating, and living a wealthy life.   The Good Life Video is all about living the Good Life; it features images of a family in a nice home, with lots of advantages.  The Gratitude Video does seem to make you feel grateful, even consciously, beyond the subliminals.  It has many images about receiving, and giving thanks for gifts, and other good things in life.  It does seem like the flashing text in this one has a slightly different setting than in most of the other Nelson Berry videos.  It is also harder to read if you pause the video.  However, the feedback we've received from our site, where we resell these videos, suggests this video gets the job done; it's a very popular video, that we've received a lot of good feedback for.

The Intelligent Warrior Videos have been used quite a bit for those wanting to improve their sales, whether with a small online business, or a traditional sales position working for another company.  This series uses mostly nature images, and features a few wild animals.  The idea seems to be to bring out one's inner warrior, since it is, after all, a "jungle out there".  This is a good set for those who would like a little more confidence, and assertiveness.  If you know, deep down, you can go out there and "kill it", (meaning, of course, "kill it" metaphorically, i.e., become a big success), but you just need a little inner reinforcement, this may work for you.  There are 8 videos in all, but one comes in two versions, (different images, same subliminals), so there are really 7 unique videos.  Each one has been released separately, with resale rights, and the whole set has been released with resale rights.

The Love-n-Luxxxury videos, also referred to on Nelson Berry's site as Subliminal Messages Extreme, feature many images depicting living in the lap of luxury, such as yachts, jets, beautiful homes, as well as money in abundance.  They mostly feature a dynamic music soundtrack.  Nelson Berry released each one separately, with resale rights, and then he released the set of six, with resale rights, and added one of the Warrior Warm Up Videos as a bonus, Million Dollar Thoughts, which is the same video as Warrior Warm Up VII.  Coincidentally, Nelson Berry refers to this video as Love-n-Luxxxury VII, however, he does NOT state that resale rights are included This set is still available from Nelson Berry with resale rights (1-6), plus a bonus (7, without resale rights).  If you just want the videos for personal use, we offer it on our sites for less, plus a discount for the set, including a different bonus, the Feel Good MP3 Audio.

The Confident Outlook SAVE Video (Subliminal Audio Video Entertainment), is mostly, as you might imagine, geared at confidence in many areas.  It features a few images not seen in Nelson Berry's other videos.  He does have some overlap--a few of the images in one video, might also appear in one or more other videos, but this makes sense when you consider that some similar themes are presented, such as attracting money, good luck, good relationships, overcoming fear, and other improvement topics.

The Master Manifestor, or Manifestation Master Videos, contain many images of beautiful scenery, similar to the Intelligent Warrior videos (and it looks like a few of the same images, but with some new ones too), as well as other assorted images, depending on the theme of the particular video.  This series seems to focus on using and developing your own power to manifest.

Some believe that we all have a guardian angel, or angels, following us, and looking out for us.  Others believe that we have an inner self--a very powerful inner self--that does what a guardian angel would do, and that at some level, is in touch with the divine creator.  The Angelic Attraction series seems to focus on that type of power that we can all tap.  There are a few images you may have seen from the other series, as well as some unique to Angelic Attraction.

The Subliminal IPOD Feel Good Podcast is a video with rapidly changing images.  The text in this one is a little brighter than in the most of the other Nelson Berry videos.  The length is about 10 minutes, and the soundtrack has the brain entrainment sound that is popular today (like used in the Quantum Mind Power / Morry Method audios).  Though very powerful, if you have any physical conditions, such as being prone to seizures, you should hold off using this until you check with your doctor.

The Happy Times Video, as the title would suggest, is aimed at putting you in a happy, positive state of mind whenever you watch it.  It's when we are in this mindset our personal power seems to be the strongest.  Though the matching audio is sold separately, it comes free with the video.

The Subliminal Health Fitness, or Warrior Warm Up Videos, are sold directly by Nelson Berry in a monthly membership.  At last check it was $38.00 a month, and as a sign up bonus, at least 8 videos were included (in addition to the video of the month).  The two Warrior Warm Up videos that have been released with rights, Ready to Relax, (also Warrior Warm Up V / 5, "Chill Out Now"); and the "I Love You" video, (also Warrior Warm Up VI / 6), can be purchased from Subliminal Video Messages.