Subliminal Messages In Videos:  Can This New Technology Really Produce Positive Results?

Theoretically, I should have known the answer to that question at birth--my mother was a self-help products junkie, who acquired many self-help books, and tape products, and even once met Earl Nightingale in person, so I suppose my DNA is laced with the desire for self-help and self-improvement.  In reality I got into selling the Nelson Berry Subliminal Videos about two years ago, around the time I began selling other digital download products, such as recipe ebooks.  Though I originally began buying the videos for my own use, I realized, heck, I was already marketing digital download products, and most of the subliminal videos I purchased came with resale rights, so, it seemed a natural progression, then, that I would offer them for sale.  This has also provided me with feedback from other users.  There are a number of other subliminal videos on the market, but I’m the most familiar with the Nelson Berry ones.  I think most of them are similar though, In how they work:  flashing text with positive affirmations, aimed at the subconscious mind; images of positive circumstances related to the theme of the specific video (much like a vision board);  and some sort of soundtrack, that masks the subliminal audio affirmations, usually the same affirmations as the flashing text.  This is sort of a triple-threat approach—vision board for the conscious mind, visual subliminal affirmations for the subconscious mind, and audio subliminal affirmations for the subconscious mind. 

Personally, the videos have helped  me a lot in correcting past negative programming, stemming from childhood, that a lot of us carry around unknowingly--money doesn't grow on trees; I guess that's the best I can do; maybe I don't deserve it--the list goes on.  It's crazy that we should still think that way as adults, but a lot of us do.  Why?  We have been programmed to become less than we can be, by our parents, school teachers, relatives, and friends; most of them well meaning, and just passing on their own programming to us, unknowingly, under the mask of what’s best.   I began noticing a more positive mindset around two weeks into my initial viewing.

I think the key in using this type of self-development aid to achieve positive results, is to approach it as a useful tool, not a magic bullet.  If everyone that bought and downloaded a subliminal video related to financial abundance, for instance, expected to win millions in the lottery, or in some way become rich immediately, I think they would be very disappointed.  However, if this technology is approached as a way to overcome limiting beliefs about money, success, and abundance, it can be valuable for helping a person realize they are just as worthy and deserving as anyone else, and that they too can become successful and wealthy.

I've received a lot of feedback and questions from my customers about these videos.  Here are some of the most common, along with my answers, which should be considered opinion, and have not been verified by, say, a clinical psychiatrist.  How often should I watch the videos?  (Daily is best.)  Can you watch the same one multiple times per day?   (Yes, that seems to work about the same.)  Can you mix and match the different videos?  (Yes, that doesn’t seem to change their effectiveness.)  How long at a time should you watch them?  (It seems anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes per session works best.)  Can they harm you?(I don't know of anything harmful that could come of watching these types of videos, to the average person in good overall health, but, if, for instance, someone suffers from paranoia, or extreme anxiety, or some sort of mental disorder, they should ask an appropriate medical professional first.)   How long does it take to see results?  (On average, about a month, with daily use, is the point where most users start to notice things in their lives getting better.)

I have found that daily use nets the best results, though if once in a while I miss a day, not a big deal, so long as I pick up and keep going.  Though I’m referring to results with the videos here, I think consistency is a good rule of thumb with other self-help and self-development programs, and techiniques.  Always consult a doctor, or other appropriate professional for any concerns of a medical, or psychological nature.  Happy manifesting!


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