Do Subliminals Work ?

People who hear the words “subliminal messages” for the first time would most probably be confused as to what kind of messages they are.  Subliminal messages are signals that are sent to the brain by registering in the unconscious mind of an individual.  So, you may ask, “do subliminals really work?”

What Are The Subliminals Telling People To Do?

The subliminals are not saying anything to people directly. The messages are aimed at the unconscious; they aim to grab the attention of the unconscious mind and give significance to conscious messages that are composed of suggestions, or affirmations, such as those in hypnotism.

Are Subliminal Suggestions More Effective Than Conscious Suggestions?

In many cases, subliminal suggestions are not as effective as suggestions given consciously.  It is because the subconscious part of the mind may have the tendency to be not completely responsive to subliminal commands or complex messages.  But, that can vary depending on the person, the way the subliminal messages are delivered, and many other factors.

There are only very limited and specific messages that are effective when given subliminally to individuals.  Subliminals have the power to tweak the unconscious mind and make it pay attention the signals.  The difference between regular suggestions and subliminal suggestions can be seen by the way they affect the individual’s state of mind.

Regular suggestions are made of complete and very specific statement while subliminal suggestions are only composed of very short and brief phrases. 

Subliminal messages tell or alert the brain that there is an important message that is about to be received.  In return, the brain would then be more alert and would interpret the incoming message more comprehensively.  However, keep in mind that the subliminal signals do not have the power to change the essence of the suggestion in any way.

Can Subliminals Make People Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Get Over Their Fears, and so forth?

Subliminals cannot directly make or command people to lose weight, stop smoking, free people from their fears, but they can provide repetition to the subconscious, to plant or nurture a suggestion, or affirmation.

Some schools of thought argue that a consciously  presented  suggestion such as “Stop smoking” would probably have a greater effect and impact to an individual rather than having the message “Stop smoking” embedded subliminally.  However, as with many things, different experts have different opinions. 

The point here is that not all statements, commands or affirmations can guarantee success when delivered as subliminal messages.  There are thought to be only some types of subliminal affirmations effective in infiltrating the unconscious mind of human beings.  These subliminals were supposedly determined through clinical and laboratory research. 

Are Subliminals Really Effective In Media?

Although there has been no reported media vessel that has blatantly admitted of using subliminal messages and signals to advertise or to hook viewers, readers or consumers, there have been lots of hearsay that the media is really using subliminal messages to further enhance their production or business.

However, keep in mind that subliminal messages are not the only techniques used (if they are being used) by the media.  It is obvious that advertisements that are overt and target the conscious mind of people are still widely used by the media. In other words, the same messages, via images, video footage, print descriptions, and voice-overs with dynamic music, are most likely combined with the subliminal messages at the same time (if/when subliminals are used). 


Do subliminals really work? Do you think they can change your life, beliefs and attitudes?  Most likely 20 different people would have 20 differing experiences, at least slightly, when presented with the same subliminal messages, in the same environment.  So, you be the judge.