Subliminal Messages Info

What are subliminal messages?  Subliminal messages are signals that are sent to the brain by registering in the unconscious mind.  This can be visually, such as words, or images, flashed very quickly, so that the conscious mind doesn't notice them.  Or, it can be through sound, words embedded, usually in a soundtrack, that are below the radar of our conscious hearing.  (There are subliminal products out there today called silent subliminals --these would be an exception to the this rule.)

It was thought years ago that advertisers used subliminal messages in advertising.  For instance, back in the days when movies typically had an intermission, (indoor, and drive-in), it was thought that during the ads for the snack bar, subliminal messages were flashed very quickly to encourage a food and drink purchase.  It's also been suggested some department stores that experienced shoplifting played subliminal audio messages (embedded in their background music), along the lines of " I'm honest", and "I don't steal", and  noticed a reduction in missing merchandise.  It was also said that some stores played subliminal audio messages, encouraging a purchase, and played them to improve sales.

If you consider that experts have said, regarding hypnosis, that a subject can usually not be hypnotized to do anything they wouldn't do anyway, it makes sense to think that subliminals would work this way too. 

As technology has evolved in the self help and self development areas, there are now a number of subliminal products on the market to pick from:  subliminal audios, on tape, CD, or downloadable file, such as MP3; and subliminal videos, (that usually include and combine subliminal audio), on VHS, DVD, or downloadable video file.  This gives a person the opportunity to use this type of technology for self improvement - anything from losing weight, quitting bad habits, to gaining self esteem and self confidence, and becoming more successful, even attracting more positive events.  There are also software products that allow a person to create their own messages.

Of course, it can vary from one person to another, not to mention from one product to another, the level of success a person has, or doesn't have.  It should go without saying, that any concerns along the lines of health, mental or physical; or legal or financial matters, should be directed to an appropriate professional, and no self improvement product should be considered a substitute for doing so.